Whether you have an existing PPC campaign that isn’t performing well or want a high-performing campaign set up from scratch, our fast and efficient management of Google and Bing ads will deliver you the results you’re looking for.

What is PPC?

PPC, or Pay Per Click is paying to advertise on the search engine results so your website appears for specific keywords. Whilst organic or ‘SEO’ results can take a long time and be difficult to achieve, PPC is a quick-fix channel that can drive targeted traffic to your website for the right cost.

Paid results are taking up increasingly more space on the search engines these days and it’s important to bid on your industry keywords to ensure you remain ahead of the competition and continue to attract potential customers online.

How we can help

We’ve been creating and managing PPC campaigns for over 10 years, since the early days of Google Ads. Evolving with the latest platform updates, we can bring more features, tricks and knowledge for driving clicks and conversions to websites to ensure campaign profitability and high conversions.

We’ve worked across many industries and are confident that our skill-set will help squeeze better results from existing campaigns or to complete entirely new campaigns from scratch. Read on to find out about our core PPC areas of expertise.

OUR paid search strategy

Step 1: Website/campaign analysis

We’ll review your website and any existing campaigns, learning about your business and the goals you want to achieve. This could consist of a number of calls and lots of questions so we’re both on the same page of what the aim of the PPC is.

Shows a computer illustration - PPC campaign analysis

Step 2: Keyword & competitor research

In the research phase we’ll identify the key keywords to target for your website, identify competitors and understand what keywords they’re bidding on and planning out the ad-groups we’d like to target for your product/s and services.

Shows a magnifying glass illustration - PPC keyword research

Step 3: Campaign setup or restructure

The setup stage involves building a campaign from scratch, targeting the keywords we’ve identified, creating ads, setting budgets and optimising for conversion. If we’re improving an existing campaign, we’ll update existing keywords, configuration and ads.

Shows light bulb illustration - PPC campaign build

Step 4: On-going campaign management

Once we’re happy with the campaign/s we’ll push them live and continue to monitor, update and look for new opportunities on a continuous basis. Our aim is to deliver as many conversions and a strong ROI for the lowest spend possible.

PPC campaign management - shows graph illustration
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    Google Ads and other PPC channels are no doubt and effective strategy for increasing relevant traffic to your website, but they can be quite costly. From detailed campaign management and setting up campaigns from scratch, our goal is to drive relevant traffic for your website at the lowest cost possible. We keep conversions at the forefront of any PPC effort, ensuring that we’re generating sales, leads or other types of conversions for your business.

    Depending on whether you want us to pick up and manage your Google Ads campaign on a monthly basis or want us to set up a high performance campaign from scratch, our approach always features the same core strategies. All of our Google Ads support packages take the following into account:

    • Conversion tracking and reporting – we want to ensure we’re tracking your website goals.
    • Budget management – we’ll ensure that your budget is optimised to its full potential and you won’t overspend.
    • We’ll conduct detailed keyword research to find phrases that are relevant to your customers, and keywords that have low competition but high search volume.
    • We’ll use advanced bidding methods and audience building features.
    • Reporting and on-going optimisation based on performance data.
    We can also provide one-off reviews of your Google Ads / PPC campaign to provide improvements, suggestions and feedback.