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SEO is one of our core digital marketing skill-sets. Read on to find out about the main areas of SEO that we can help with, assembling an overall strategy for your site. Sit back and let us take care of your organic growth.

what is SEO?

SEO is the art of optimising your website to rank well for specific keywords in the search engines, employing various techniques and keyword optimisations to improve the traffic on a page.

The world of Search Engine Optimisation is constantly evolving and it’s important to keep your site up to date, ensuring that your website is in the eyes of potential visitors and your business is seeing continuous growth.

Organic search is often the key channel for growing website traffic and a solid SEO strategy will help you achieve a targeted website audience.

Why choose us to help with SEO?

We’ve been optimising websites since the early days of the search engine and have evolved with the complexities and algorithm updates of this ever-changing digital art.

We’ve helped improved the rankings of websites across different industries, both highly competitive and unusually niche. Our tried and tested methods have been proven to be effective for driving organic growth. We work with you from the initial strategy stages to developing and implementing effective SEO practices. 


Ensuring the coding and navigation aspects of a website are search engine friendly and aren’t causing issues.


Achieving local citations and ensuring that local and address SEO is accurate for better local search rankings.


We provide detailed audits of websites to highlight areas of improvement for SEO and a structured plan of action.


Creating SEO optimised and engaging copy for webpages and optimising meta data and page elements for high volume keywords.


Analysing the backlink structure of a website to determine areas of improvement and exploring active link-building opportunities.


An in-depth look into the SEO performance of key competitors and building a keyword research and targeting report for each webpage.


As you probably know, SEO isn’t a quick win strategy, but great results can happen within 2-3 months depending on existing website performance. It takes on-going content creation and persistence to ensure the relevant, most searched for keywords and phrases are targeted. 

SEO is a long term strategy that takes time, so we recommend that all of our clients engage in on-going 3-month optimisation campaign as a minimum. During the 3-month process, we’ll look at all of the following opportunities:

  • Webpage review and details keyword research for each target page.
  • Technical SEO review and fixes for any errors.
  • Content creation plan – this could include blog posts, product descriptions or other missing web content.
  • Backlink review and opportunities for new links.
  • Performance reporting and keyword rank tracking.
  • Ideas and advice on overall website strategy in relation to SEO.
We can also conduct ah-hoc SEO website reviews, keyword research and optimisation projects on a one-off basis.
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